Camille Paglia: “It’s the collapse of journalism”

Speaking in an interview by the Washington Examiner, Paglia said: “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos,They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any … Continue reading

“You can’t draw me!” …”That’s why I draw you.”

Unless you’ve been in a coma you’ve heard about the two ISIS terrorists who tried to ambush Pamela Geller’s Garland, Texas Mohammed art contest with AR-15 rifles, in which both were shot dead by a single police officer using his Glock … Continue reading

Joe Biden inanity of the day

Biden talking about taking responsible action [accomplishing gun control with executive orders]. “As the president said, if your actions result in only saving one life, they’re worth taking.” Think of all the things you’d want to outlaw if that were … Continue reading

Why The Union Thugs In Wisconsin Are Violent — And Why The Left Wing Media Ignores It

Long shoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer explained the mind of the left in his 1951 classic The True Believer — Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements. True believers are the engine of mass movements which appeal to a special type of … Continue reading

Fear The Media Meltdown — Not The Nuclear One

The liberal media and anti-nuclear power activists are desperately trying to make as big a disaster as possible out of the earthquake and tsumani which seriously damaged the nuclear power reactors at Fukushima Dalichi and Daini in Okuma. Charlie Martin … Continue reading