Leftist Judges Keep Trying to Revoke What I Learned in Law School

I believe with great certainty that my former law professor William Beaney (1918-2003) would be appalled at the two Federal judges who have issued restraining orders against President Trump’s travel orders. He’d be equally dismayed by the 3-judge panel from … Continue reading

Law Grads Toiling At Jobs That Don’t Require Bachelor’s Degrees

In a previous post I said that law school might be a big mistake because you may end up with massive student loan debt to repay and be unemployed. In another post I said law school is like a pie … Continue reading

What Comes After Law School? For Too Many It’s Massive Debt And Extended Unemployment

It’s been said by here and elsewhere that law school is like a pie eating contest where first prize is more pie.  The number of law school graduates who don’t win first prize seems to be increasing.  For them there … Continue reading

A Gutsy Bar Exam Performance

I passed the Colorado Bar Exam in 1976 on the first try. Not too gutsy, but good. So then in 2007 at age 62 I took and passed the Wyoming Bar Exam on the first try. A bit more gutsy … Continue reading

Law School Starts in About Three Weeks

Several thousand young hopefuls will be starting law school in about three weeks. If they’re lucky they are now filled with excitement, rolling over in hope and pride and confidence in their futures. That’s how I felt back in 1974 … Continue reading

Law School Is A Pie-Eating Contest Where The First Prize Is More Pie

The Millennials, those currently in their 20’s, go to law school hoping to win the big prize of a job on graduation with a six-figure starting salary at a large prestigious law firm.  Big Law, as it’s called, is said … Continue reading

Law School Might Be A Big Mistake

I’ve said before that going to law school might be a bad idea. See, Thinking of Going To Law School? — Think Again. Now even the American Bar Association is saying the same thing. The ABA issues a warning to … Continue reading