Three Smart Women speak out on the phony outrage to Trump’s “Locker Room” Talk

They aren’t defending Trump so much as pointing out the hypocrisy and sanctimony of the Hillary Campaign and her media accomplices, as well as the Democrat and GOP establishments’ pretense to a stand on the very moral principles they’be been … Continue reading

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Michelle Obama exhorts us to eat twigs and bark while she eats baby back ribs, which appear to be sticking to her ribs. Her husband wants us to drive less (which we’re doing as gasoline hits 4 bucks a gallon) … Continue reading

Former president of MADD arrested for DUI

I’m not one who thinks that a moral standard must fall simply because one of its proponents didn’t live up to it. Human beings are flawed creatures. We can all sometimes violate the very principles we try to live by. … Continue reading