Strangers in a strange land

That’s how a large block of Americans feel right now. They’re the white working class who still believe in God, mother, country and apple pie.  In a Reuters/Ispos survey, 58 percent of Americans (72% of Republicans) say they “don’t identify with … Continue reading

Who is a ”natural born citizen?”

This needs to be cleared up because Ted Cruz is starting to scare people. Well, that is if the liberal media drones and conniving Democrat politicians can rightfully be called “people.” I’ll concede that, for now. Ted Cruz was born … Continue reading

Tea Party Conservatism beats the Republicans again

In Kentucky yesterday Tea party conservative Matt Bevin won a landslide victory giving Kentucky a Republican governor for only the second time in 50 years.  Bevin had to beat not just the Democrats, but his own Republican party as well … Continue reading

Trump endorses the Tea Party!

This is big, huge, wonderful. The Republican establishment hates the Tea Party. That’s how you know they are nuts because they had a golden opportunity to open up a whole new wing for the so-called “big tent” they say they … Continue reading

Strong woman has advice for weak Republicans

“You know, if you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything, wouldn’t you, at any time? And you would achieve nothing!” —Margaret Thatcher George W. Bush was a decent man who went to … Continue reading

Todd Akin was not a Tea Partyer, and the Tea Party is not costing Republicans the Senate

David Weigel at Slate: I’d say you can only blame “the Tea Party” for a net loss of two Senate seats since 2010. That’s a period during which it helped send Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ted … Continue reading

Oh, how they hate Ted Cruz

The Free Beacon on the “othering” of Ted Cruz, i.e., self affirmation by the denigration of others. Martin Bashir has compared Cruz to Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh. Chris Matthews becomes apoplectic at the mere mention of Cruz’s name. Al Sharpton, … Continue reading

Establishment Republicans should take note of this

UKIP has won a small victory in Britain by winning second place in a parliamentary election.  OK, they came in second.  They didn’t win, what’s the big deal, you say?  Here is the big deal.  The Conservatives (formerly the Tories) … Continue reading

A quote to remember — and try to understand

“The Democrats’ strategy may deepen national divisions, and lead to bad policy, but it is, so far, the winning approach.” One should read that a few times, let it sink in.  I believe it is as true as it is … Continue reading

Election Day Tea Party 2012: A New Beginning

TARP and Stimulus, or porkulus as it might be called, were both unnecessary massive spending programs that did little or nothing for the economy. We were promised lower unemployment and economic growth but we got neither. The politicians are the … Continue reading