Camille Paglia: “It’s the collapse of journalism”

Speaking in an interview by the Washington Examiner, Paglia said: “Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos,They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any … Continue reading

Conrad Black on the Vital Importance of Economic Growth

Make-or-Break Moment At Hand For America Over Economic Growth [Democrats] will cling to the pieties of fiscal responsibility as long as they can, perfectly oblivious to their party’s magnification of the federal debt accumulated in 233 years of American independence … Continue reading

When Help Turns Into Harm

When Democrats discovered they could no longer prevent black people from voting they set out to persuade black people to vote almost exclusively for them. They promoted welfare programs to create dependency and a sense of entitlement. They demonized Republicans in an … Continue reading

California is a one-party state that proves the genius of the electoral college

It’s Official: Clinton’s popular vote win came entirely from California …California is the exception that proves the true genius of the Electoral College — which was designed to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections. In recent years, California has … Continue reading

Black-owned business gets a lesson in black political correctness

Black-Owned Restaurant Facing Boycott After Catering a Trump Event Chef Don Studvent, a Black business owner in Detroit, Michigan, is under fire for catering an event for Donald Trump’s son. His 7-year old restaurant, the 1917 American Bistro, serves well-prepared … Continue reading

Nuke ‘Em: Give ‘Em The Harry Reid Treatment

It’s been said many times that “justice” is a hard concept to grasp because everyone has their own version of “justice,” i.e., they define justice as happening only when they get what they want. That sentiment is perfectly embodied in … Continue reading

Democrats failed to retake the Senate and 2018 looks even worse for them

Roll Call: Working in Democrats’ favor this year is [was] a Senate map in which they are only defending 10 seats to the Republicans’ 24. Those 10 seats are all in states President Barack Obama won twice, and of the … Continue reading

Barack Obama and The “Curley Effect”

James Michael Curley (1874-1958) was mayor of Boston during four non-succesive 4-year terms from 1914 to 1950. Before his first term as mayor of Boston he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1911 to 1914. Between … Continue reading

Black female Trump supporter confounds news anchors

This is from September 29th but if you haven’t already seen it you’ll like it if you are a Trump supporter. It’s great to see a someone like this lady who stands up to the vacuous rhetoric of the liberal … Continue reading