Lindsey Gramnesty no longer wants to kill Ted Cruz on the Senate floor

Instead of killing Ted Cruz Lindsey Gramnesty Graham tells F. Chuck Todd on Meet the Depressed that he’s now supporting Ted Cruz as the only viable alternative to Donald Drumpf. The video below is interesting in any number of ways, … Continue reading

Millennial’s crazy belief system

If the polls are correct, the so-called “millennials”, those born from about 1984-1996, currently in the 18-30 age group, hold beliefs about politics and government so hopelessly inconsistent you’d have to wonder what they’ve been smoking.  A clear majority of … Continue reading

Reconciling Conservatism and Libertarianism

Conservatives and libertarians should be natural allies but often find themselves at odds with each other.  While agreeing on most liberty issues, small government, low taxes, etc. they clash on moral issues.  Libertarians often seem to be left-wing libertarian, not … Continue reading