The impending collapse of the climate change scare

The Impending Collapse Of The Global Warming Scare by Francis Menton: So what can we predict about where the climate scare is going? Start with the EPA.  To the extent that the global warming movement has anything to do with … Continue reading

Powerful evidence that climate change alarmism is not science

Say a high school had a science club and a young Democrats club.  I guess they all do have the latter but probably call it something else. Some may have a science club. How would the two clubs be different? … Continue reading

Millennial Climate Change Hysteria — Who Knew?

Millennials, that group of Americans reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century, have been recognized as an odd bunch. That much was easily known and explained because of the different life experience they have had compared to say, my … Continue reading

What happened when the North American ice melted?

In the last ice age the upper Midwest of North America was covered with ice a mile thick in some places. You think Chicago is cold now? When that ice age ended as the earth’s climate warmed the melting ice gave … Continue reading

3,937 days since the last major hurricane hit land fall

The Washington Post reports that there hasn’t been a major hurricane to hit the U.S. East Coast since hurricane Katrina in 2005. [Hurricane Sandy had transitioned to a post tropical storm when it struck New Jersey in 2012, and was … Continue reading

Liars — How progressives exploit our fears for power and control

In Greek Mythology Cassandra is given the gift of prophesy and the curse that while she could accurately see into the future and know what calamities were coming, nobody would ever believe her. Thus when she warned Troy that that … Continue reading

This should be the final word on CO₂ caused global warming

Headlined The Most Comprehensive Assault on “Global Warming” Ever data analysis expert Mike Van Biezen explains that he first thought CO₂ was indeed a significant greenhouse gas until he saw that while CO₂ was steadily increasing between 1940 and 1980 … Continue reading

CO₂ is not the threat Climatistas claim

UPDATE: We all know that humans started agriculture about 13,000 years ago. We don’t know why that happened. The convential wisdom has always been there was no single factor, or combination of factors, that led people to take up farming … Continue reading

Politicized judges are deciding public policy issues; are they going to decree scientific truth as well?

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How much does carbon dioxide contribute to global warming?

On April 8, 2014 I posted this: I’ve been a skeptic of human caused global warming since I first heard of it in the 1980s.  I just don’t think humans have the power to alter the climate.  I’ve been especially … Continue reading