On Richard Dawkins — atheism, evolution, creationism and intelligent design

Richard Dawkins is in the news, giving me an excuse to talk about him. See, ‘BIN LADEN HAS WON’: THE RUN-IN WITH AIRPORT SECURITY THAT MADE ATHEIST RICHARD DAWKINS SO ANGRY HE COULDN’T HOLD BACK. Richard Dawkins is an aggressive … Continue reading

Birthday Celebration

This is about 12 days late, but it’s the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.  Both of their birthdays are on February 12th.  They do not simply share a date on the calendar.  They were both born on the … Continue reading

Earthly Knowledge

Nobody “believes” in gravity.  You either “know” about gravity or you are deranged.  It is also true that nobody “knows” God exists, at least not by any earthly knowledge.  Nobody knows God does not exist either.  Such things are spiritual … Continue reading

Reconciling Darwinian Biology With Conservative Social and Political Philosophy

This statement by Larry Arnhart is, in my view,  a satisfactory reconciliation of the Conservative thought of Edmund Burke, the father of modern conservative social and political philosophy, and the theory of evolution by natural selection formulated by Charles Darwin: … Continue reading

Lincoln’s Birthday Today-Also Darwin’s

Today is Lincoln’s birthday, and it is also Charles Darwin’s birthday. These two men not only share the same calendar day birthday, they were also born on the same day in history, February 12, 1809. They are both 201 today. … Continue reading

What Darwin Never Knew

In the year just past the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin was “celebrated.” I put that in scare quotes because as a conservative I’ve taken a lot of heat for my devotion to Darwin the man and … Continue reading