Socialism: Riches For The Rulers; Rations For the Rest

Venezuelan President who praised Bernie Sanders revolutionary message will ration electricity In a debate with Hillary Clinton in February, Bernie Sanders explained to the moderators that he was a particular brand of socialist: “When I talk about democratic socialist, I’m not looking … Continue reading

Salon: Hillary can’t win

Hillary Clinton just can’t win: Democrats need to accept that only Bernie Sanders can defeat the GOP. In one major poll, Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton nationally. In most others, he’s not far behind from the former Secretary of State. … Continue reading

If you want equality you should want capitalism

I knew this even before I read Barry Brownstein’s essay at The Freeman, Capitalism Promotes Equality. You see, I’ve read enough history to know that modern plumbing is modern, meaning for the great masses of people it didn’t exist until … Continue reading

Bill Whittle on Trump

Bill Whittle says Donald Trump is not his favorite for the nomination but should he win the nomination Whittle will vote for him. I second that. Whittle says Trump and his supporters are certainly not the enemy in this election … Continue reading

The utopian vision of Bernie Sanders

Alan Meltzer of the Hoover Institution: Senator Sanders does not call for old-time socialism—that is, government ownership of the means of production. His main proposals demand higher taxes on the highest incomes, free college education, increased social security payments, and … Continue reading

Highlight of last night’s Dem debate

It was Hillary coming back late from the bathroom break. (Gawd, what is she wearing? Pajamas? Some sort of Mao outfit?) Rest of it was just a bore. They knew it would be, that’s why they scheduled it at the … Continue reading

It’s easy to like socialism when you don’t know what it is

I was at the University of Colorado from 1970-1974 and thought that I got a pretty good education. It appears today’s students are not going to be able to look back and say the same thing, at least not after … Continue reading

Hillary’s Campaign Yacht

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The Government’s War On Speculators Is To Deflect Blame For Its Own Failure

Those nasty speculators are at it again! They’re running up gas prices to make themselves rich! Do you believe that? Actually, the ones who are “at it again” are the politicians and bureaucrats whose failed energy polices are the real … Continue reading