Something toxic here, for sure

CBS4 news ran a report last night showing a female Denver cop slamming a woman’s head into the wall, twice. The female officer was not arresting the woman, she was detaining her and taking her to detox for being intoxicated. This was supposedly for her own health and safety. But watch this video and see if you think the female cop cares very much about the woman’s health and safety.

I note three things in the video that I think show the cop used excessive force.

First, the supposedly highly intoxicated woman is sitting on the floor with her back to the wall. She is calm. The cops were responding to a 911 hang up call, and had established that the woman and her boyfriend had been fighting. There were two cops and both are in the apartment. It appears the cops probably told her to sit down and stay put. If so, she’s doing what they told her to do. Regardless, she is cooperating. She’s not doing anything to interfere with them.

The second thing to note in the video is that the woman shows no visible injuries. Her face can be seen and she has no marks or bruises. Later in the video her face again becomes apparent and lacks any cuts or bruises.

The third thing is how violently the female officer handles this woman when it appears she has done nothing to justify such treatment. When the cops come out of the apartment (they arrested the boyfriend on an outstanding warrant) after having decided to take the woman to detox, the first thing they do is haul her up onto her feet, spin her around and handcuff her in a most reckless and violent manner. Then the woman offers some resistance, that’s apparent. It might be explained as a natural reaction to the unnecessary roughness of the female cop. The woman’s resistance, which appears slight, was dealt with by slamming the woman into the the wall, twice.

Here is what she looked like when she was delivered to detox:

excessive force

The Denver police chief says the female cop was justified, no excessive force, nothing to be seen here. The Independent police monitor disagrees. So do I. The female police officer is not a cop, she’s a hooligan and represents a danger to the citizens of Denver. Condoning this sort of conduct will lead to worse in the future. Abuse of power, once given sanctity, proceeds until it find the limits.