Sheriff Clarke Defeats Bloomberg!

happy2This is soooo… delicious. Nannie Bloomberg dumped $150,000 into this sheriff’s race to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is widely rumored to have contributed $300,000 of his own money to defeat Clarke, although Abele has neither denied nor admitted this. That means he did.

Bloomberg and Milwaukee’s leftist establishment have saved their most visceral hatred for Sheriff Clarke because he’s a staunch Second Amendment supporter who advises citizens to get a gun and learn how to use it in order to defend themselves from criminal attack. This makes the soft-on-crime lefties apoplectic with rage. They thought this was finally the time they were going to get Clarke out of office. They found their knight in shining armor in City of Milwaukee police lieutenant Chris Moews who wanted to be sheriff so bad he was willing to suck up to all left-wing groups in Milwaukee county. Moews stated that if he became sheriff he would not honor an ICE warrant against an illegal alien, and would help the left wingers turn Milwaukee county into a illegal immigrant sanctuary.

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke

The specter of a sanctuary city and county offered by Moews may be what turned even Democrat voters [there are no Republican voters in Milwaukee] away. Plus the fact they have been voting for Clarke for sheriff for the past two election cycles and generally like him.

sheriff David ClarkeChris Abele probably wanted to see Clarke defeated because Clarke is an outspoken critic of the soft-on-crime policies by the court system in Milwaukee County, aided and abetted by the county government of which Abele is the chief executive.  Milwaukee is becoming almost as crime ridden as Chicago.

Sheriff David Clarke is the one public official trying his best to change that.  Some of the lefties were saying they wanted to take Sheriff Clarke’s horse away from him.  Actually, the horse Clarke rides is owned by him.

Clarke won by nearly 4,700 votes in a small turnout election. It was the Democrat primary. The winner of the Democrat primary is automatically the winner of the general election in November because their is no Republican primary and no Republican on the ballot in November.  Milwaukee does not have enough Republicans for any Republicans to ever win an election in the City or the County. Clarke’s critics go after him for not being a real Democrat, and that’s probably true.  He has to run as a Democrat because that’s the only political party in Milwaukee.

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