Seattle College Professor Killed Defending Woman From Knife Attack

From KOMO News:

Troy Wolff, 46, who was chairman of the English Department at Shoreline Community College and had taught there for 17 years.

He was walking with his girlfriend near 3rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street at about 10:30 p.m. Friday when she was suddenly confronted by a man who pulled out a small knife and began stabbing her repeatedly in the torso.

Wolff attempted to intervene, and the suspect turned on him and began stabbing him repeatedly in the neck and torso, Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel said. Wolff died hours later at the hospital.

Officers from the Seattle Police Department’s SWAT and gang units arrived on scene first and found the suspect standing near the victims still holding the bloody knife. The suspect dropped the knife when police arrived and was taken into custody.

Elsewhere in the story it is revealed that the attacker is a complete stranger to the people he stabbed, and the attack appeared to be unprovoked. From numerous photos in the story it is obvious that the victims are white. Nowhere in the story is the race of the attacker mentioned, nor is there a photo of him. It is clear, however, from one frame of an accompanying video that the attacker is Black. Since he was a stranger it would be a natural reaction to suspect that this was a racially motivated Black on White hate crime. It would be natural to think that because these sorts of racially motivated hate crimes are beginning to occur with alarming frequency in larger cities coast to coast.

If a Black person anywhere is attacked by a crazy white person, no matter how slight and even if a motive of robbery is crystal clear, every news reporter on the planet will be screaming racism and hate crime.  Let it be the other way around and if anything is said about race at all it will be to blame the white person, saying he probably provoked it.

But I guess it’s racist to take notice of any of this, and so we don’t because they might say we’re racist. That would be awful.  A mere accusation is all that is required to convict you of racism, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt being easily established without further evidence. It’s the new res ipso loquitur in American law and culture, i.e., it’s racism when Whites attack Black people, but it’s never racism when Blacks attack White people.  The thing speaks for itself.