Scott Walker’s Acceptance Speech Election Night

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker easily defeated challenger Mary Burke. His acceptance speech is pure class. Walker’s success since 2010 has driven Wisconsin Democrats literally insane. Wisconsin was very blue state where Dems controlled the Governorship and both state houses. Now the Republicans control all three. Walker has turned Wisconsin from a financial basket case run by unions into a fiscally solvent business friendly state. While Illinois’ public pensions are on the verge of bankruptcy the Wisconsin public pension fund is solvent due to Walker’s reforms. If other Republicans want to learn how to defeat Democrats they should be paying attention to Walker. He’s a potential presidential nominee in 2016.

  • TMats

    I heard just a portion of this speech on election night. This morning I took the time to listen to the entire speech–very impressive governor with 3 impressive wins.

    I can’t help but like Trey Gowdy and his head-on approach to business-as-usual politics in Washington. Maybe Walker is the most attractive candidate for President and Gowdy’s natural role is Attorney General. Wouldn’t THAT be something to have an AG who actually believed in the rule of law

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