Republican Senate Primary In Iowa Gets Interesting

Breitbart reports that conservative Republican Joni Ernst is challenging wealthy and liberal Republican Mark Jacobs, who is the leading contender. Well, he was the leading contender until Sarah Palin endorsed Joni Ernst and will headline a SHE_PAC rally for her in Des Moines on April 27th. Now Joni Ernst has a 2-point lead, even though Jacobs has outspent her 100-1. More evidence that conservatism, when it is well articulated, beats liberalism every time.

Her campaign theme is catching:

  • Jack Harvey

    I would vote for her. Am in favor of her inference that there are a bunch of hogs in Washington badly in need of castratio

  • Leann

    Sam Clovis is my Candidate. Constitutionalist .Believes in Term Limits. Will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Great debater with solutions. Small Government. Pro Life.

  • concealedkerry

    Sam Clovis Head And Shoulders Above The Rest More Life Experiences More Qualifications More Gravitas Wins All Debates Such That The Others Are Hiding From Him. Sam Is The Real Conservative Not Establishment Endorsed.

  • Leonard

    I can’t understand why Ernst is leading when she missed about 70 percent of her votes in the Iowa Senate this session. She claimed that it is all do to her Guard duty. That statement was debunked. Regardless of why, there is no excuse and I certainly don’t want someone in the US Senate who will only represent me 30 percent of the time.

  • Justine

    Strict Constitutionalist over an establishment, hand-picked candidate any day. Clovis is the guy!!

  • Lynn Fleckenstein

    Sam Clovis has my vote. Joni missed 106 out of 175 votes in the Iowa senate and then LIED about why she missed those votes. I want more out of a candidate than a cute one liner about cutting pork and castrating hogs. I want a intellectual candidate with a heart for the Clovis. Joni is counting on Sarah Palin and the Shepac to get the Iowa woman’s vote. I am an Iowa woman and I think with my brain, not my vagina.

  • Bucky

    When this candidate was first challenged by the Register on her voting record, and on with Laura Ingraham – she blamed her military duty as why she missed the votes. Then, TheGazette out of Cedar Rapids dug a little deeper with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to find she was not being honest about the military being the reason. When Herman Cain was caught up in his ‘relationship’ with the last lady, he admitted he had not been honest; did the right thing and resigned with a double-digit lead at that point. Being a Commander in the Iowa Army National Guard, (and serving for 23 years myself) is this the type of leadership our troops deserve? Is this the type of politician we want to send to DC? It won’t matter because it’s already been leaked, the democrats are going to use this questionable and ‘dishonest’ conduct to be unacceptable. Then, with her dodging debates – along with Jacobs – those who have attended know way – they finish third and fourth, if they really do better than usual. Braley will destroy either of these two… If we really want Reid to have the gavel pulled from his hand, I hope she does the right thing and do as we say in the military – ‘stands down’…

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