Religious persecution in Europe — and in America — cloaked in the new secularism

…the student government at UCLA demanded that the words “illegal immigrant” be banished from the campus.

Step by step, unwanted ideas are extinguished by eliminating the words necessary to express them. “Radical Islam,” and “Islamic terrorism” are very much in the lexicon of taboo phrases, as we can see in the Newspeak-ridden prosecution of Hasan Nidal, the Fort Hood jihadi.

Have you read 1984 recently? Do it. Orwell is the most reliable guide to the doctrines and methods of the latest generation of would-be tyrants.

Michael Ledeen, Does a falling tree make a sound if the word “tree” is banned?

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Two hundred years ago people came to America seeking religious liberty and to escape religious persecution in Europe.  They’re still coming to America for the same reasons, but increasingly America no longer offers them the freedom they seek.