Raindrops keep falling on the heads of climate alarmists

Cause I just done me some talking to the sun
And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done
Sleeping on the job
Oh, raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

Global Warming/Climate Change alarmists might be humming along with B.J.Thomas what with all the constantly developing evidence that the sun, not you and not me, is the main cause of climate change on earth, and it’s been that way for the last 4.5 billion years of earth history. Receding Swiss glaciers incoveniently reveal 4000 year old forests – and make it clear that glacier retreat is nothing new.

Dr. Christian Schlüchter’s discovery of 4,000-year-old chunks of wood at the leading edge of a Swiss glacier was clearly not cheered by many members of the global warming doom-and-gloom science orthodoxy.

This finding indicated that the Alps were pretty nearly glacier-free at that time, disproving accepted theories that they only began retreating after the end of the little ice age in the mid-19th century. As he concluded, the region had once been much warmer than today, with “a wild landscape and wide flowing river.”

 Dr. Schlüchter’s report might have been more conveniently dismissed by the entrenched global warming establishment were it not for his distinguished reputation as a giant in the field of geology and paleoclimatology who has authored/coauthored more than 250 papers and is a professor emeritus at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Then he made himself even more unpopular thanks to a recent interview titled “Our Society is Fundamentally Dishonest” which appeared in the Swiss publication Der Bundwhere he criticized the U.N.-dominated institutional climate science hierarchy for extreme tunnel vision and political contamination.

What’s more worrisome, Schlüchter’s findings show that cold periods can strike very rapidly. Near the edge of Mont Miné Glacier his team found huge tree trunks and discovered that they all had died in just a single year. The scientists were stunned.

The year of death could be determined to be exactly 8195 years before present. The oxygen isotopes in the Greenland ice show there was a marked cooling around 8200.”

That finding, Schlüchter states, confirmed that the sun is the main driver in climate change.

Raindrops keep falling on the heads of climate alarmists.  But that doesn’t mean their eyes will soon be turning red.

I’ll never understand how climate alarmists conveniently ignore what everyone with the slightest bit of education in geography knows. A mere 12,000 years ago the middle of North America, from present day Kansas to upper Ontario, was covered with a sheet of ice more than one mile thick.

Sometime between then and about 6,000 years ago, it melted.  The resulting flood made sea level rise and created the Great Lakes. Some day in the distant future, probably after all of us are gone, it’s going to freeze over again. And melt again, and freeze again. On and on.  There is nothing we can do to cause it, and nothing we can do to stop it.  Because it’s a force of nature, it’s the laws physics and we cannot repeal them.

Why, even an executive order from Obama can’t do that.

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