Political correctness is a tool liberals use to fret about trivia

Liberals on America’s campae have been trying to ban the word “freshman” for some time, wanting to replace it with the words “first year student.”  Lately they’ve defended that bit of silliness by claiming the word “freshman” is not inclusive because it contains the word “man.”

So how long before the word “woman” is declared politically incorrect?

Liberals just love to ban things, from Christmas trees, light bulbs, words, and anything else that bothers them ever so slightly.

  • TMats

    When I was in college I could always tell who were the pure academics–which I define as someone who went straight through from undergrad all the way to PhD. I still appreciate those professors (that word is gender-neutral…right?) who actually worked in the real world during the years advancing to their doctorates. They could be identified by the projects their grad students were working on–they had some actual applicability.

    These academics who teach in college because they either have advanced degrees that have absolutely no value outside the university, or have never actually worked, are by-and-large the instigators of most things wrong with higher learning in our colleges and universities. A pox on all of them.

    • TeeJaw

      Wouldn’t you hate to be a parent paying tens of thousands of dollars annually to have your kid indoctrinated instead of educated. I think most parents who pay these enormous tuition bills don’t know what goes on at colleges and universities these days. They probably think it’s just like when they were in college.

      • TMats

        Well, I don’t know about the dollar amount, but I’ve got a son in college right now, albeit at the University of Wyoming. Better in many respects than the typical L A college in America, but it still has the stupid degree requirements that serve the will of faculty with a leftist agenda.

        Our daughter graduated from CU Boulder and she’s never been the same since. She went there because Boulder is one of a handful of universities with a Linguistics program. I regret to say, it is not a very good one.

        • TeeJaw

          CU is where I went to college. That was 45 years ago. Different world entirely.

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