Beretta A400 Xplor Unico

a400 xplor

This is the finest expression of the American way, a great new shotgun. This baby is hot. A claimed 60% reduction in recoil. Perfect for the missus?

Supposed to shoot any 12-gauge shell made. Comes in 26, 28 or 30-inch barrel. I’d go for the 26.

I get no money for the love and attention I give to great products on this page. Dammit.

UPDATE: The Current issue of Guns & Ammo (Feb. 2010) has a main feature on this shotgun.

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Shatner Limbaugh Interview

It is really good. Instapundit says “Where no interview has gone before. It’s surprisingly good, and deep.”

No surprise to me. This is the 8-minute version, but you can see the full 19:30-minute interview here. This shortened version is great but you need to see the longer one for more of the really good and non-political insights that Rush has to offer. Shatner is wonderful also.

Gallup Fixes “Wrong” Facts With “Right” Facts?

Gallup had Obama’s job approval at 47% yesterday, with Sarah Palin’s approval at 46% (not quite the same since Palin’s numbers aren’t based on job performance but upon personal approval). A while back Obama’s job approval was 56% while Palin’s approval was 39%.

With Palin narrowing the gap to 1% perhaps Gallup decided those had to be the “wrong” facts so they fixed it with the “right” facts and show Obama’s job approval at 50% today. Strangely, both approval and disapproval numbers are +3 in one day.

Rasmussen still has Obama at 47% job approval.
job approval

The Presidential approval index, the number of points between those who strongly approve and those who strongly disapprove is -11.

obama index

Tea party protestors, if they had a candidate, would get 23% to the Republicans 18%, in a 3-party race. Since Democrats get 36% in that race, Republicans need to get on board with the tea parties.

Gallup polls registered voters, while Rasmussen polls likely voters. The difference is significant because if someone is registered but does not vote it matters little which candidate they prefer. A poll of likely voters is more relevant to expected election results, and could be especially relevant in the 2010 election because the disenchantment with Obama by many in his leftist base is expected to result in lower turnout.

Harry Reid Says Opposing Obamacare is Supporting Slavery

If you oppose a government takeover of health care you would have been a supporter of slavery? Say what?

It was Democrats that started a civil war to keep slavery legal. It was the Republican party that came into existence to end slavery.

It was Democrats who instituted Jim Crow laws after they lost the Civil War. It was Democrats who consistently opposed an anti-lynching law.

It was Republicans who supported civil rights legislation in the 1960s. It was Democrats who filibustered in the Senate to try to stop the passage of civil rights laws.

I guess Harry Reid doesn’t know any of this. But that would make him an uneducated stupid idiot. It’s more likely he does know all of these facts, but he thinks we are idiots.

EPA Declares CO2 a Danger to Human Health

EPA declares CO2 a pollutant and a danger to human health. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring part of earth’s atmosphere without which there would be no plant life on earth. All animals including humans exhale CO2 every time they take a breath.

We live in an age of stupidity, in a county whose founding fathers lived in the age of enlightenment.

The Amazing Hockey Stick Trick

hcokey stik

You can see the hockey stick in the above graph. “Mike’s Nature Trick”, as his colleague, the now furloughed Phil Jones referred to Penn State “scientist’ Michael Mann’s creative reconstruction of historical temperature data, was to “hide the decline” in temperature data for the late 20th Century which would have obliterated the blade of the hockey stick.

The handle of the hockey stick was made straight by hiding the upward bulge of temperatures during the Medieval Warming period from 900-1300 A.D. The Little Ice Age which lasted from the 1500’s to the mid-19th Century was also manipulated to help straighten the handle of the hockey stick so that a consistent slightly downward trend of historical temperatures for 1,000 years followed by a sudden and marked upward trend in the last half of the 20th Century would result, lending credence to the theory that unprecedented global warming is occurring and human activity must be causing it.

It’s all a massive fraud on the order of Piltdown man.

Understanding Climategate’s Hidden Decline by Marc Sheppard at American Thinker is worth your time, I promise.

But before you head over there, take a look as this amusing “Hide the Decline” short music video.

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