Harry Reid Says Opposing Obamacare is Supporting Slavery

If you oppose a government takeover of health care you would have been a supporter of slavery? Say what?

It was Democrats that started a civil war to keep slavery legal. It was the Republican party that came into existence to end slavery.

It was Democrats who instituted Jim Crow laws after they lost the Civil War. It was Democrats who consistently opposed an anti-lynching law.

It was Republicans who supported civil rights legislation in the 1960s. It was Democrats who filibustered in the Senate to try to stop the passage of civil rights laws.

I guess Harry Reid doesn’t know any of this. But that would make him an uneducated stupid idiot. It’s more likely he does know all of these facts, but he thinks we are idiots.

EPA Declares CO2 a Danger to Human Health

EPA declares CO2 a pollutant and a danger to human health. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring part of earth’s atmosphere without which there would be no plant life on earth. All animals including humans exhale CO2 every time they take a breath.

We live in an age of stupidity, in a county whose founding fathers lived in the age of enlightenment.

The Amazing Hockey Stick Trick

hcokey stik

You can see the hockey stick in the above graph. “Mike’s Nature Trick”, as his colleague, the now furloughed Phil Jones referred to Penn State “scientist’ Michael Mann’s creative reconstruction of historical temperature data, was to “hide the decline” in temperature data for the late 20th Century which would have obliterated the blade of the hockey stick.

The handle of the hockey stick was made straight by hiding the upward bulge of temperatures during the Medieval Warming period from 900-1300 A.D. The Little Ice Age which lasted from the 1500’s to the mid-19th Century was also manipulated to help straighten the handle of the hockey stick so that a consistent slightly downward trend of historical temperatures for 1,000 years followed by a sudden and marked upward trend in the last half of the 20th Century would result, lending credence to the theory that unprecedented global warming is occurring and human activity must be causing it.

It’s all a massive fraud on the order of Piltdown man.

Understanding Climategate’s Hidden Decline by Marc Sheppard at American Thinker is worth your time, I promise.

But before you head over there, take a look as this amusing “Hide the Decline” short music video.

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Pearl Harbor Day

“Day of Infamy.” The 69th. [the 71st coming up in 2011]

More people were murdered in the World Trade Center on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor. Sneak attacks are still a real threat. Now ten years after 9/11 ground zero is still a hole in the ground.

Check out William Katz’s remarks on this day at Urgent Agenda. You’ll be glad you did.

The submerged U.S.S. Arizona beneath the Memorial.

More Pearl Harbor Photos from December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor today.

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Wooing Big Business to Obamacare

Big Business is being wooed by the Obama administration to support a government take over of healthcare. Their incentive to go along is that employer-provided health insurance has become so expensive every corporation and business needs to find a way out of the crunch before it makes them unprofitable.

In my view, going along with Obamacare in hopes of being able to dump their employees into the government plan and thereby eliminate those costs from their income statement is very misguided. Those executives who have drunk the koolaid on Obamacare (Roberts of Comcast is the latest) don’t seem to realize that all the new taxes and regulations in any government-run health system will end up making their bottom line worse off that it is now, even after throwing their employees healthcare to the wolves. The damage to the economic growth of the entire economy will also hurt their business. It is not unheard of for high level corporate executives and smart investors to be politically stupid (think Warren Buffet), so we shouldn’t be surprised.

There are a few large corporations in America who have taken a more realistic look at just how beneficial it might be, or not be, to dump their employees into a government-run health system. St. Louis-based Emerson, formerly Emerson Electric, and Minneapolis-based 3M Corporation don’t seem to be falling so easily for this Faustian bargain. Apparently, these companies are managed by CEOs who look a little farther ahead. There are two posts by Scott Johnson on the Powerlineblog that give an explanation of the thinking at those companies, with links to other sources.

The 3M post is here, and the Emerson post is here.

This is an opportunity to see which companies value their employees. With it becoming increasingly clear that Obamacare will devastate health care and stifle economic growth it is callous and self destructive of anyone running a business to support it, in my view.

David Horowitz: “A Cracking of the Heart”

David Horowitz is an author and crusader for free speech on college campuses. Of the many books he has written there are two that have been especially enlightening to me. Radical Son and Destructive Generation, the latter written with his co-author Peter Collier. He now has a new book with a profound message about grief and grieving, an experience none of us escape.

A Cracking of the Heart is an effort to deal with his grief over the loss of his daughter Sarah at the age of 44 who died of a congenital defect from birth.

There is an interview with Hororwitz about the book at The American Thinker and a video interview at Newsmax (After an irritating 30-second ad).

Horowitz quotes his daughter as saying “After losing a loved one pay attention to the ways in which your relationship continues.” In writing this book David Horowitz is following his daughter’s advice. Anyone who has dealt with grief, is dealing with it now, or will be forced to deal with it in the future (that pretty much covers all of us) will likely benefit from this book.

Horowitz is a former leftist who escaped from that political maelstrom and told the story of his intellectual journey in Radical Son. His daughter was a committed liberal with a profound insight of our limited ability to “change the world.” Horowitz says this insight was a the basis of a political bond they were able to form despite their differences.

The book has 5 stars on Amazon and has received high praise from numerous sources.