New Study Confirms What I Already Knew

Byron York reports on a new study that confirms what I already knew: liberals are fantasists.

Byron York is having a productive Monday. Elsewhere he reports:

Congressional investigators looking into the abrupt firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin have discovered that the head of AmeriCorps met with a top aide to First Lady Michelle Obama the day before Walpin was removed.

And then lied about it.

McCain Vulnerable in Arizona?

Anything is possible, but McCain is only 2 points ahead of J.D. Hayworth, 45% to 43%, in this Rasmussen Poll. And Hayworth hasn’t even announced whether he is running.

An incumbent is usually thought to be in trouble when under 50% in the polls. To be under 50% and only 2 points ahead of someone who is not running yet is ominous. Sure wouldn’t make me sad. It isn’t McCain himself so much that I’d like to see defeated. It’s his style of RINO Republicanism and constantly sucking up to Democrats and their friends in the state-run media that I would really like to see go down in flames, for good. I’d like for other Republicans to see the McCain style doesn’t work, just in case ’08 didn’t do it for them.

Republicans and Democrats both wanted McCain to be the Republican nominee last year. Republicans because they thought McCain was the only one who could win, Democrats because they knew McCain would be the easiest to beat.

McCain will be 74 next year. He’s had an eventful life. He is rich. You wonder what it is about Washington politics that makes a guy like that want to stay in that maelstrom instead of sitting on the beach somewhere with a good book and a Mint Julep.

This is just one poll, the election is almost a year away, so I won’t get too excited at this point.

Lieberman Says No Deal

Lieberman tells Harry Reid he won’t vote for the bill with the Medicare expansion in it. Lieberman told Reid to talk to Olympia Snowe? It might work.

None of this means a thing. It certainly doesn’t mean Lieberman won’t vote for the bill. We should not believe anything that comes out of their mouths, only their actions matter. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Quote of the Day

F. A. Hayek

There are two very important fields of services for which governments have so long claimed a monopoly (or prerogative) that this has come to be regarded as a necessary and natural attribute of government, although these monopolies neither have been introduced for nor have redounded to, the benefit of the public; the exclusive right of issuing money and of providing postal services. They were not established in order that people should be served better, but solely to enhance the powers of government; and as a result the public is not only much worse served than it would otherwise be, but, at least in the case of money, exposed to hazards and risks in their ordinary efforts of gaining a living which are inseparable from a political control of money and which they would soon have discovered a way of preventing if they had only been allowed to.

So far as the postal monopoly … is concerned, all that need be said is that it owes its existence solely to, and has no other justification than, the government’s desire to control communication between citizens.

To understand [the problem of proper monetary arrangements] what is involved here requires freeing oneself of deeply ingrained habits, and a rethinking of much monetary theory. If the abolition of the government monopoly led to a general use of several competing currencies, that would itself be an improvement on a governmental monetary monopoly which without exception has been abused in order to defraud and deceive the citizens; but its main purpose would be to impose a very necessary discipline upon the governmental issue of currency through the threat of its being displaced by a more reliable one. In that case the ordinary citizen would still be able in his daily transactions to use the kind of money with which he is now familiar but one which he could at last trust. Government would then be deprived not only of one of the main means of damaging the economy and of subjecting individuals to restrictions of their freedom but also of one of the chief causes of its constant expansion.

—Friedrich A. Hayek, Law, Legislation and Liberty, Volume 3

House Passes Barney Frank’s Financial Industry Command and Control Bill; Liberal Fascism?


On Saturday the House passed The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. The vote was 223-202 with all Republicans and 27 Democrats voting no. Title I of the Bill is The Financial Stability Improvement Bill of 2009 which I commented on here and which Charles Rowley says will cause a meltdown of the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities market.

Other parts of the Bill will allow the government to break up or shut down any Wall Street firm that is deemed to be a threat to the well being of the economy.

I’d call this socialism but I think it’s something worse. It’s more like fascism because it’s private firms being controlled and run by a domineering government that controls all commercial and industrial firms with an iron hand. So, that’s what we get when Democrats control the entire government? Liberal Fascism? Who knew?

Jonah Goldberg knew.



Sign at a homeless camp near Colorado Springs. The “Hoovervilles” that were endemic during the Great Depression cast Herbert Hoover as a villain to an entire generation. He didn’t deserve it but that hardly mattered. In politics, it’s perception that matters.

This sign, which quite obviously was professionally done, was taken down after a while.

More at Newsbusters, including video.

There was a tent city near Sacramento last March that was dubbed “Obamaville” and the sycophant media had a cow. YouTube took the video down and the signs were quickly destroyed.

Stay tuned.