Looks Like the Harry Reid Wins on Healthcare Debacle

I’ve been driving in To Arizona all day so haven’t had a chance to check the news until just now in my hotel room. I find that just what I expected would happen, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is bought and paid for, with our money of course. The cloture vote is scheduled for 1:00 A.M. Monday morning. That’s right, One O’clock in the Morning. That’s the sort of hour when criminals prefer do their work.

All the polls show that a majority of at least 57% of the Americans do not want a government-run health care system that will be a colossal failure in delivering health care and will bankrupt the country. The only way the Democrats can do this is under cover of darkness and before even more of the people find out just how bad this thing is.

Remember, all of Congress has exempted themselves from this. That’s right, they and their families will keep the health insurance they now have as members of the House and the Senate. They are not willing to live under the same rules they are going to impose on us. Republicans have submitted amendments calling for members of Congress to be subjected to this health care bill the same as we will be, but the Democrats have shot down every one of those amendments.

They have to have the vote in the middle of the night so they can ram this thing through before Christmas because if they adjourn for Christmas without doing this the Senators will get an earful from their constituents back home. Harry Reid can’t have that, he might not have his 60 votes anymore when they come back after the first of the year.

This is shameful. These are dark days. As someone once said, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. The vote is not until one hour after midnight tomorrow. Call your Senator and make sure he or she knows that if they vote for cloture on this bill you will give as much money as you can to their opponent in the next election.

UPDATE: There is a glimmer of hope that James Webb, Senator from Virginia could upset Harry Reid’s apple cart. That would be delicious. No way to know, he hasn’t said and likely won’t. We’ll have to “wait til’ the midnight hour.”

Webb is Scot-Irish and so am I. We’re different from a lot of folks, we love freedom and we don’t like oppressive government. Robert the Bruce and William Wallace are our heros (in addition to America’s founding fathers). Recall the last words of William Wallace as he went to his execution, as portrayed by Mel Gibson in Braveheart: Freeeeedom!!

This healthcare bill is about bondage. Webb will have to abandon his heritage to vote for it.

Deal in Copenhagen?


The Associated Press says a deal has been struck. We’re screwed. Still needs two-thirds approval in the Senate though.

UPDATE: This “agreement” is only a “foundation” to build one. That means it’s not what they wanted. And we can hope it never will be. Good.


The “deal” was not finalized before Obama left Copenhagen, the restrictions on carbon emissions are completely voluntary with each nation that is a party to the deal, it will have no verification mechanism, it will not be legally binding. Some deal. Sounds more like a publicity stunt. Next summit in Mexico City in November, 2010. Hmmm. Something else going on here that month. On a Tuesday, I think.

More at National Review Online.

The 57% Solution: Just Say No

Rasmussen reports that Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters nationwide say that it would be better to pass no health care reform bill this year instead of passing the plan currently being considered by Congress. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 34% think that passing that bill would be better.

Republicans are against it; independents are against it; Howard Dean is against it; Keith Olbermann is against it; The Daily Kos is against it; Egad even Susan Collins is against it! But they say they’re going to pass it anyway. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

Angry Liberals Means Liberty May Be Saved

angry libs
From The Politico

I know it’s bad luck to count chickens before they hatch but I was thrilled reading this at the Politico. They are mad, they’re ticked and disappointed, they are not going to take it anymore! (not going to support this health care bill anymore). Oh, please let it be true. To save our freedom, our precious liberty, deliver us from the hoax and chains…

How Reliable Are Battleground Poll Results?

The most recent Battleground Poll shows 63% of Americans consider themselves either very conservative (23%) or somewhat conservative (40%). Only 33% label themselves as either very liberal (8%) or somewhat liberal (25%). Conservatives think this is very good news for them. I’m skeptical.

The Battleground Poll also shows that the same respondents are evenly split at 38% each on whether they would vote for the Republican candidate or Democrat candidate if the election were held today. Eighteen percent were undecided and 6% believe Elvis is still alive and riding around on a Harley Davidson somewhere in the Southwest.

On the positive side, the Battleground Poll is truly a non-partison poll not conducted with a slant toward either political party. Bruce Walker at The American Thinker describes it this way:

The Battleground Poll is not a Republican polling organization. It is, rather, one of the few bipartisan polling organizations. Republican and Democrat pollsters agree on the language of the questions for respondents, so that the questions asked are not only fairly worded, but unusually fairly worded. Republican and Democrat pollsters agree on the population sample, so that polls results are not skewed because too many Democrats, too many Republicans, or too many independents are included. The Battleground Poll also has proven very accurate over many elections.

I think conservatives might be misleading themselves in two ways by their interpretation of these poll results.

First, liberals have a tendency to lie about whether they are liberal or conservative. Liberals who cannot find one thing to criticize about Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi; liberals who will tell you how much they whole-heartedly support Obamacare, tax increases, and EPA regulation of carbon dioxide to fight global warming; and that the only government action they truly disapprove of is the war on drugs, will still swear to you that they are conservative. Likewise, they will recoil in anger should you make the mistake of calling them a liberal. These liberals will likely give a meaningless answer to a poll question asking whether they consider themselves liberal or conservative.

Second, even if one is being honest about one’s conservatism that does not translate into a vote for a Republican candidate because too many conservatives are in disillusionment at the Republican party. That is not surprising since for at least since 1995 the Republican party has been dissing its conservative supporters. Many of them have cast votes for libertarian candidates in protest or, more likely, stayed home on election day.

This response by conservatives is self defeating because it helps elect Democrats who are much worse on all the things conservatives believe than the Republicans could ever be. It’s also defeating for the Republicans because they lose elections even when a majority of Americans consider themselves conservative, or at least say they do.

The answer for the Republican party is to offer voters something to be for, and not simply to rely on voters’ reaction against Democrats. The way to do that would be to stop trying to purge conservatives from the party and for Republican office holders to proudly proclaim their conservatism and stop trying to woo the liberal media and make nice with Democrats in their constant efforts to expand the size of government. Then true conservatives would be motivated to vote Republican and even liberals who are having an identity crisis over how they label themselves would be more likely to vote Republican. Moderates will check the wind direction and follow along also.

Quote of the Day

Human Dignity is bound up with taking responsibility for conducting one’s own affairs.

—Professor Paul Rahe of Hillsdale College

When a government takes away its citizens’ right to conduct their own affairs in something as important as their own health and welfare it takes away a part of their dignity.

Snow In Copenhagen

Snow in Copenhagen

This globe in Copenhagen is supposed to be a symbol of an overheated earth. But a rare snow fall and cold temperatures ruined the effect. Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, and only had seven last century.

The Copenhagen COP 15 ends tomorrow, Friday.