Satanic Gases


Of all the silly and ridiculous global warming hype the claim that methane from cow flatulence was threatening to raise global temperatures and destroy the planet had to be about the weirdest. The IPCC published a 400 page report in 2006 claiming that herds of cattle were one of the biggest threats to the preservation of life on earth due to methane gas heating up the earth’s average temperature. We were told it was either give up eating beef or drown from rising sea levels. It was going to be a choice between cows or waterworld.

You’d think that with the exposure that the global warming alarmists have been cooking the books and making up data the cow flatulence theories would be all but forgotten. Not so, apparently. At least not in Great Britain.

Charles Crowley reports of high level conversations and warnings coming out of lofty regions of the mother country. He states,

First, climate chief, Lord Stern of Brentford has urged the world’s population to turn completely vegetarian in order to reduce its carbon footprint on the planet: ”Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources” he claims. “Direct methane from cows and pigs is a significant source of greenhouse gases. Methane is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas.”

The rest of Crowley’s report is hilarious and it’s available here for your amusement and edification.

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Today Is the 65th Anniversary of the Start of the Battle of the Bulge


The Ardennes Offensive, better known as The Battle of the Bulge, began 65 years ago today. Five days later on December 21, 1944 the Germans had the 101st Ariborne surrounded at Bastogne. The Americans were low on supplies of food and ammunition in the middle of a bitter cold winter. The German commander requested the Americans to surrender. General Anthony McAuliffe scribbled his reply on a paper to be delivered to the German commander in just one word, “Nuts.”

Soon after supplies of food and ammunition were air dropped to our side and the German offensive began to slowly lose ground until it was defeated five weeks later. It took 19,000 American lives before the battle ended in defeat for the Germans.

Praise For Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

whole foods

Instead of the horrendous, despicable, menace to liberty, high-taxing budget-busting monstrosity of a so-called “healthcare reform bill” (which has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with giving the government, bureaucrats and politicians absolute control over every living soul in this country) now being debated in the United States Senate, here is what ought to be done:

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One Year Experience With CCW On Georgia Public Transportation


In 2008 the Georgia legislature passed and the governor signed a new law allowing Citizens with CCW permits to carry their concealed firearms on public transportation, in restaurants that serve alcohol, state parks, and wildlife management areas. The new law went into effect on July 1, 2008 amid the hand wringing by the always-predictable firearm fear mongers. The end-is-near mentality of these folks never seems to subside no matter how many times their dire predictions prove to be much hoopla and fury signifying nothing. This time they went over the top.

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Quote of the Day

“The policies of the U.S. Federal Government and its agencies are at the heart of the moral failings that came to light in the course of the 2008 [financial] crisis. Even when the misdeeds occurred in the private sector, they were encouraged by the interventionist policies of the government, which in turn reflects the perverse incentives faced by politicians and presidents in a system where the government has grown too large. State capitalism rather than laissez-faire capitalism is the primary source of the moral failings which are now the object of populist anger that is being fueled, ironically, by the very politicians who were the chief culprits in stoking the housing-price bubble that caused the financial crisis.”

—Charles K. Rowley and Nathanael Smith, Economic Contractions in the United States: A Failure of Government.Chapter 4, Page 61.

NOTE: The authors acknowledge that laissez-faire capitalism has not existed in its full fledged form in the United States for the last 90 years or so, and use it as a relative term. The heavily regulated mixed economy of the United States with governments at all levels using coercive measures against business in all its aspects is what they mean by state capitalism. The thesis of the book is that more laissiz-faire capitalism and less state capitalism is needed and would result in fewer and shorter-lived financial disruptions because the incentives of both politicians and business leaders would be more rational, both economically and politically. Without the interventions of the New Deal, as well as the anti-free trade policies of the Hoover Administration earlier, the financial crisis caused by the Federal Reserve’s tight money policies and the 1929 stock market crash probably would not have grown into the Great Depression. Foreign governments were less interventionist in their markets and their economies recovered more quickly.

Lieberman Out, Now In; Nelson Out; Collins to Pinch Hit?

On Sunday Lieberman told the Sunday Morning shows that he would not vote for Obamacare because the expansion of Medicare is a public option. I posted then that no one should believe a word that comes out of a politician’s mouth, and whatever Lieberman was saying didn’t mean he would not be voting for the Bill. I was right, as usual. Today he says he’ll vote for the Bill.

Nelson is now saying he won’t vote for it. But Susan Collins, Republican from Maine was thought to be voting with the Republicans, until today. Now she says that she is grateful to Lieberman for “making this a better bill.” And “I’ll vote for it if it will expand coverage and reduce costs.” Can she be serious? Can she believe it will do either of those things? Does she believe pigs can fly? Wait a minute. There was no expansion of medicare in the bill and she was against it. Then the medicare expansion was put in to take the place of the public option (what’s the difference?) and Lieberman won’t support the bill unless that is taken out, so it is taken out and now Collins is for it. But Nelson isn’t.

So a Republican is going to help Reid get to sixty votes. But wait, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas might not vote for it. She’s toast next November if she does. So she’d like to be excused please, Harry. No problem. Another Republican is waiting in the wings to pinch hit. Who would that be? Olympia Snowe, of course.

Collins and Snowe can always be counted on to come through for the Democrats when they can’t vote for some monstrous thing because their constituents might throw them out of office if they do. Those two brilliant ladies from Maine are always so glad to help the Democrats, and screw their own party. Harry Reid plays them like a violin, and they never figure it out.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska has some other issues involving a physicians hospital South of Omaha and an important Air Force Base. To be the subject of another post.

Dean Says Kill the Bill

Howard Dean to be on Vermont Public Radio in 5 minutes (5:50 PM Eastern) saying that the Senate Health Care bill should be scrapped and they should start over next year with a fresh new bill. Yeah, I like that too. Well, I like the kill the bill idea, not starting over next year, but I’m not worried that they’d do that anyway.

Dean is a kook, but I hope he gets his wish and the bill is killed. Dean wants it killed because without the expansion of medicare he says its not worth supporting. With the expansion of medicare America goes broke, but Dean is a liberal who thinks you will never run out of other people’s money.

Why Are Democrats Committing Suicide?

All polls show the public does not want the government-run health care debacle Democrats are trying to jam down their throats. All the various iterations of it lie in wreckage in the Senate. The opposition to Obamacare is increasing, not diminishing. The more it is in the news, the more people learn about it and the more they don’t want it. So why do Democrats persist in pushing this awful idea when by all accounts it will cost them dearly in the next election?

Byron York put that question to an anonymous Democrat strategist, who gave a quite thorough analysis. The party has wanted this since FDR days, they have gone so far they’ll look like fools if the give up now, the main pushers of it (Pelosi, Waxman, et al.) are in safe liberal districts and won’t be hurt, Harry Reid is probably toast in Nevada no matter what, the liberals don’t like the blue dogs anyway so who cares if they get bounced next November, etc. etc.

But then he said something that is interesting, and revealing.

[He]…compared congressional Democrats with robbers who have passed the point of no return in deciding to hold up a bank. Whatever they do, they’re guilty of something. “They’re in the bank, they’ve got their guns out. They can run outside with no money, or they can stick it out, go through the gunfight, and [maybe] get away with the money.”

Sometimes the real truth just pops its head when you are least expecting it. Read Byron York’s Washington Examiner column here.