Oh, how they hate Ted Cruz

The Free Beacon on the “othering” of Ted Cruz, i.e., self affirmation by the denigration of others.

Martin Bashir has compared Cruz to Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh. Chris Matthews becomes apoplectic at the mere mention of Cruz’s name. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, and just about every other liberal are so rattled by Ted Cruz they descend into a gibbering rant whenever Ted Cruz is the subject.  Well, it’s not really descent to just be where you always are, I guess.

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The editors of The New Yorker magazine affirmed themselves for psychological comfort by depicting Ted Cruz on their cover of October 21, 2013 as a ghost over a vacant Capital Building, suggesting he is the evil spirit that haunted the shut down of the government (as if shutting the government for a while is bad thing?).

The hatred that urges people to affirm themselves through the denigration of others stems from fear.  The fear that makes liberals hate Ted Cruz is the same fear that makes them hate Sarah Palin.  They see Cruz and Palin and they see the opposite of the tongue-tied and feckless Republican politician they are accustomed to dealing with.  The sort of Republicans they know and love are the ones that are easily defeated by name calling and scare mongering.  No reason to fear these, they will fold up like a cheap suit case and turn into bleating sheep the minute liberals call them racist-bigoted-homophobic mean-spirited bastards who want Grandma to die and children to starve.

Liberal crap of that sort doesn’t work on Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin.  Cruz and Palin are nothing like the usual faint-hearted establishment Republicans.  They aren’t so easily manipulated by liberal tuanting. That makes them dangerous to liberals because liberals don’t have anything other than name calling and demonizing in their political repertoire.  Alinsky’s Rule No. 5 almost always works beautifully for them as against the typical establishment Republican.  Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin and a few others refuse to play by those rules.  What’s a liberal to do? They cannot ever debate a conservative like Palin or Cruz because that is where they would lose and they know it.  Thus the abject fear, and we humans almost always hate what we fear.

Machiavelli wisely advised the Prince that while it would be nice to be both loved and feared, if one cannot have both it is better to be feared than loved.  Establishment Republicans think it is better to be loved, and they foolishly believe they can make liberals love them.  Pigs will not only fly but jump over the moon before that will happen.

If the establishment Republicans were smart (generally they might be, but politically they’re just stupid) they would take heart at the liberal hatred of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin and see it as the great gift that it is.  Is a great gift because it is liberals telegraphing who and what they fear, and it shows Republicans, if they would care to listen, just where liberals are weak and can be defeated.  Republicans would be amazed at how their political fortunes would improve it only they could muster the courage to stand up to liberals the way Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are showing them.  Cruz and Palin are showing other Republicans how to defeat Democrats, how to win.

Sadly, the average establishment Republican misses all of this and sees Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin not as the solution, but as the problem.  It is ironic that it is the Democrats who see these two genuine mavericks so much more realistically, and are frightened.

UPDATE:  The above is about the elite liberal politicians and well-connected.  Here are some tweets that show how the hoi polloi liberals dutifully follow their leaders:

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