Obama state by state job approval/disapproval

From the NYT/YouGov poll:

As of October 1st.  Obama’s handling of the Ebola* threat and other factors probably have lowered his numbers even more. Note that even in the deep blue states where Obama’s approval is highest, the strongly disapprove far outweighs the strongly approve. In all cases of approval somewhat is greater than strongly, and in all cases of disapproval strongly is greater than somewhat.

We all know Obama is not popular.  He may be more unpopular than we thought.

Battleground Tracker LV Obama Approval-02


*The Ebola virus gets its name from the Ebola River in the Congo where it was first discovered in 1976, so I suppose Ebola should have its first letter capitalized.

  • TMats

    There’s not a lot of us in Wyoming, but we’re obviously more discerning than the residents of other states.

    • TeeJaw

      Yes, outside of Teton County that is.

  • TMats

    One blue county in a blood red state. It’s like your crazy Aunt Martha, you just have to smile and shake your head. It’s the Subaru syndrome; anywhere there seems to be an inordinate number of Subarus, you figure the population is dominated by big government liberals. What is it about those cars?

  • TeeJaw

    Teton County if a low information county. Most of the world knows human-caused global warming is a hoax but at least a solid majority in Teton County still worship at that altar, still believe the “97% of scientists” lie. The local newspaper anthropomophises grizzlies, runs photos of the bruins “posing for an adoring public,” as if “adorable” could be a normal sensation for a dangerous animal.

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