Obama: “A man in denial, on the verge of delusion”

Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s response to world terrorism, from Fox News 9/2/2014:

“That’s the image of a man in denial, on the verge of delusion. This is a man who’s narrowly redefining the threat, essentially saying a drone strike here and a drone strike there, and that’s all that we have to do. The global war on terror speech he declared to be over, or an exaggeration or something that was intolerable, in a speech he made in which he the tide of war is receding and we can’t tolerate an endless war. And here’s a man who comes into office and denies the existence of global war on terror and what do we see?

An attack in Somalia from al Shabaab, we have Boko Haram in Nigeria kidnapping and enslaving women, massacring Christians. The establishment of a base today in Niger as a way combat the jihadists in Mali. The taking over of the American compound in Libya by jihadists and islamists. Of course what’s happening in Yemen. And here I’m leaving out the obvious events in Syria and Iraq. It is everywhere. It’s a global war, and Obama persists in calling them extremists as if they are extremists for what reason? ‘They’re just very upset about a lot of stuff.’ He will not call it by its name Islamic Radicalism. He will not explain or concede that it’s a worldwide movement. He won’t concede what he’s done for these five years — underestimating, underplaying and not explaining to the American people the necessity of carrying it on — is now beginning to bear fruit everywhere in the world as America’s position is collapsing.”

Transcript via Freedom’s Back
Here is the video:

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