Obama had to work hard for that 39% approval

Washington Examiner reports that  Obama just hit an all-time low in a poll released Tuesday, with just 39 percent approving of his job performance and a majority of Americans saying he is “not honest and trustworthy.”

An approval in the 30’s is easy for a Republican. After all, the media hates them, their own base voters are disenchanted with them about half of the time, young people and single women have no use for them, they fall for just about every dirty trick the Democrats play on them, and they have a distorted perception of conservatives, without whom they cannot win elections.  Many of the those who tell pollsters they disapprove of Republicans are themselves Republican voters who stay home on election day because of how the Republican establishment has treated them.

But Obama in the 39% approval range is a real surprise. After all, he’d still be a media darling if he was molesting 8-year olds and killing puppies.  His Democrat liberal base will never abandon him, nor will African Americans.  It even looks like American Jews will stick by him no matter how much he tries to undercut the security of Israel.

So this is momentous. Obama has to be screwing up badly for this to have happened.