Obama can sure sell guns, but as an insurance salesman he’s a dismal failure

Well, to be fair selling guns is a lot easier than selling insurance.  Many decades ago and for a short time, I tired to make a living selling insurance and I was a dismal failure as well.  That was in spite of the fact that the product I was selling was a good one.  The one Obama is selling is a crummy product for most of its potential buyers.  It is over-priced and is tied to things his most crucial targeted buyers, young people between 18 and 35, don’t want or need.

For some of his targeted buyers [I use the word “targeted” freely because that’s what Obama does; he targets people] he is selling them a good deal because they don’t have to pay for it.  Or at least not the true cost of it.

Sheesh, every time I make a categorical statement about Obama and his snake oil insurance, I think of all sorts of exceptions.  Obamacare is not a good deal for most of the easiest to snare consumers of it even though they are getting it free.  Like most free stuff, it’s worth about what you are paying for it.  The free riders are not get any fancy high-end insurance plan, they’re getting Medicaid which reimburses physician at such a low rate the patients will have a hard time finding a doctor that can afford to treat them.  At least not one of the best doctors. This group will sign up for Obamacare, er, make that Medicaid, because it’s free.  But they’ll be in for a surprise when they need treatment. Health insurance is not health care.

Obama’s biggest problem as an insurance salesman is that the one group he needs most to keep his signature achievement from going belly up financially are shunning his policies.  Young men are figuring out that Obamacare’s prohibition on charging different rates based on sex means men who buy an Obamacare policy will be paying not only for their own health insurance, but will also be buying health insurance for women they don’t know in their same age group.  This is because women in the age group 18-35 utilize health care at an astoundingly higher rate than men in the same age group. But Insurance companies cannot charge women higher premiums than men. That means young men are subsidizing young women.  Men tend to figure these things out and when they do they won’t become buyers of what Obama is selling.  Without these young people paying bloated premiums, Obamacare will be as underfunded as every other liberal scheme.

No surprise here.  It hard to understand why anyone ever believed that imposing another enormous government bureaucracy between patients and health care providers was not going to drive costs through the roof.

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