New poll finds 60% favor repeal of Obamacare

A new McLaughlin & Associates Poll finds that 60% of Americans favor repeal of Obamacare and support a conservative alternative.  Although the poll question is a bit convoluted there is clearly a large majority support for repeal of Obamacare.  A Gallup Poll last July found immigration to be an important issue to only  17% of Americans, and that was a spike from just a month earlier when only 6% thought immigration was an important issue. Moreover, included among those who think immigration is an important issue in the November election are both those in favor of amnesty for illegals and those opposed to amnesty.

So which issue does the Republican establishment think is most important for them to talk to voters about?

Yeah, you’re right. It’s not Obamacare.  They probably think it would be racist or something to talk about the one issue 60% of voters (that includes 49% of Democrat voters) think is important.

The stupid party stays stupid at every chance to exploit a political opportunity.  They’d rather try to compete with Democrats for those 6-17% of voters who care about immigration than the 60% who want to see a conservative alternative to Obamacare.

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