Monica Crowley emerges unscathed from false charges of plagerism

Monica Crowley was hired by former President Richard Nixon to be his research assistant in 1990 when she was 22 years old. She remained in that roll until Nixon died in 1994. Later she wrote two books about him, Nixon in Winter and Nixon Off the Record. Both books appeared in 1998.

Back in the 1990s I was still in the death throes of liberalism and was no fan of Richard Nixon. I still find fault with the man but from an entirely different perspective now, one that is more charitable. At that time I was skeptical of Crowley because of her association with Nixon. Later, after reading some of her writing I came to a new understanding and appreciation.

She’s way too smart to easily dismiss, as I had done. When I began to read Monica Crowley’s regular column in the New York Post as well other of her writings in the Wall Street Journal and other print outlets, I realized how I had misjudged her. I became a devoted fan.

When she was recently lambasted for plagerism I felt let down. Now I feel foolish for believing the lies. I should have known better because those charges have now been thoroughly debunked. I’m chagrined at how easily I let CNN and the other Captains of Fake News snooker me.

Anyway, I’ve taken stock and come to my senses. Watch this, it’s good: