For Millennials, the American dream is a joke

A party that reached out to Millennials with a message that understands the problems they face — no jobs, huge student loan debt, stagnant economy — might get their vote. Do we have a party like that? Didn’t the Republican party used to stand for a growing economy and jobs for Americans? Once, a long time ago? What happened?

  • One Hand Clapping

    Only N=5, but in my circle of family + significant others, 100% of Millennials have jobs. Additionally these are jobs that require college and/ or grad degrees.

    • TeeJaw

      Obviously, those Millennials in your circle have degrees in something that prepares them for a job. For example, a graduate with a degree in petroleum engineering will have multiple job offers with six figure starting salaries.

      Many other Millennials have degrees in Tim Buk Tu philosophy, Black studies, Womens’ studies, Queer studies, or underwater basket weaving or some other nonsense that isn’t of much use to an employer. If this group have jobs it’s probably waiting tables or washing cars. They’ve borrowed lots of money to get worthless degrees. I don’t know how to help those people and I’m not sure they even deserve any help. But they do vote and any Republican who wants to be President needs to figure out a way to get some of their votes. Right now Democrats have those votes because they are telling these Millennials that all their problems can be blamed on the rich, on Republicans, conservatives, or anything other than themselves. Everyone in a predicament of their own making likes to hear that it’s somebody else’s fault.

      If there is any hope for these people it is for America to once again have a growing economy rather than the stagnant growth that Obama and the Federal Reserve have inflicted on it. Their zero interest rate policy has created a stock market and real estate bubble that will someday do what all bubbles eventually do. Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. An interest rate of just 5% will plunge the government into bankruptcy trying to pay the interest on the massive federal debt Obama and the FED have created.

  • Dave Lienert

    Just a few quick comments.
    I have always thought that waiting for someone to give you a job was a silly thing. Making your own job or career or business is always much more fun besides you meet for more interesting people.
    As far as what happened to political parties, I know this will be viewed as cynical but I can’t help feeling that neither the Democrats or the Republicans have my interests in mind. The individuals in each party have their individual goals and interest at heart. If they happen to align with my goals or by accident help me or the rest of the country well, hey, what a bonus!

    • TeeJaw

      All their lives Millennials have been told by their parents, their teachers, and some politicians how special they are. They don’t know how to fend for themselves. That serves some politicians well.

      There was an op-ed in the Jackson Hole Daily a couple of weeks ago by a woman of Millennial age lamenting the lack of jobs, housing and marriage opportunities for Millennials.

      Republicans need to find a way to get those Millennials, at least some of them, to vote for Republicans. Sometimes the truth works. Maybe Republicans should try it.

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