Michael Ledeen on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

Michael Ledeen writes for PJ Media with a regular column titled Faster Please. He appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Monday, November 25, 2013.

The discussion centered on Obama’s sweetheart deal for Iran. Hewitt asked Ledeen if he could explain what motivated Obama to do this. Ledeen responded, “Oh, yeah. That’s easy.”

“Obama has consistently maintained, both before and after he became president, what he dislikes and what he likes. Obama dislikes three things: He dislikes the United States of America, he dislikes capitalism, and he dislikes Israel. He likes Islamic tyranny, radical Islamic movements, and he believes that all of Iran’s complaints about the United States are basically correct.”

That fairly well explains Obama’s motivation in the Iran deal. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu says that Obama has just made the world a more dangerous place. I think that will become apparent to all while Obama is still in the White House.

One must parse Obama’s words to see where he differs from Israel on Iran having a nuclear bomb.  If you don’t do that you might think Obama supports Israel’s position.  Here is where words mean something.

Obama’s says he doesn’t want Iran to get a nuclear weapon.  Israel doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear capability.  Israel not only doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear bomb, it doesn’t want Iran to have the capability of building a nuclear bomb.  Obama is fine with Iran having the capability of a bomb, he just naively believes he can stop them from actually making a bomb.  Maybe he thinks that. On the other hand, maybe he really doesn’t care.  Remember, he doesn’t like Israel.

Obama got 71% of the American Jewish vote in 2012.  I guess American Jews, or most of them, don’t much like Israel either.  I’ve been to Israel 3 times and while I’m not Jewish nor even very religious, I found Israel and its people to be a courageous force for good in the World.