Man bites dog story

man_bites_dogErasmo Guadalupe Garcia-Serna, 27, was running naked in the parking lot of the Costco store in West Valley City, Utah. Police ordered him to stop but Serno instead flexed his muscles and started walking toward the officer in a threatening manner. Officer again order Serno to stop and when he refused the officer released his police dog. When the dog attacked Serno began biting the dog on the neck. Officer tried to get him to stop biting the dog by kicking him in the back, but to no avail. Finally after being tased three times Serno stopped biting the dog.

Dog was only slightly injured. I think the photo above was taken in connection with a prior arrest before this incident. Serno’s facial appearance is slightly altered now.

Serno has been charged with a 3rd degree felony for injuring or interfering with a police animal.  Did you know that was a felony?  Yup, and pretty much everywhere I believe.  Interfering with a human police animal is only a misdemeanor.

Serno’s court-appointed lawyer suggested that “possible mental issues should be explored.” Judge agreed.

Story here.