The Left’s Crusade Against Freedom

Debate? We don’t need no stinkin’ debate!

The Left Silences Debate. An ideological Jim Crow has emerged in the nation whereby those who voted for Trump are called to collective silence while those who oppose Trump stand, lecture, and judge. Resistance to this new normative political stance is met with calls for violence, blatant acts of violence, and staged events designed to invite further violence. The epicenter of this poisonous and toxic intellectual culture is our college and university campuses. In California, a professor recently asked students who voted for Trump to stand. Students were then told that everyone not standing now had a basis for knowing who to fear and abhor for the future. Here in Dallas, a public-school teacher was disciplined for performing a mock assassination of President Trump while she shouted “die” and fired a water gun at his image at the front of the room. These behaviors are not those championing freedom from fascism — these are the essential prerequisites to a fascist society. The Alt-Left that has long maintained academia as an intellectual grooming center for indoctrination. Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky, and Bill Ayers are symptomatic of a reactionary elite that abhor critical thinking and public argument.

The refusal of the State of California to allow some of the nation’s best college debaters to attend the National Debate Tournament in Lawrence, Kansas is a testament to the complete closing of the American mind as it existed in college campuses located in the state.

All was predicted by Allan Bloom (1930-1992) 30 years ago.