Just don’t get this…

An active shooter [Karl Pierson,18] at a Colorado high school, himself a student, murders a fellow student and shoots two others who survive with permanent injuries.  The shooter killed then himself. That’s all that commends his worthless life.  Now the family of the murdered student, a 16-year old girl, wants everyone to know they have forgiven the young killer.  They are calling for “compassion.”

This seems to be a common response.  I don’t get it.  I don’t think I would ever forgive a killer for murdering someone near and dear to me.  I didn’t know the girl who was killed in this case, nor the other two who were injured.  But I still don’t forgive the monster who killed one and shot two other innocent people.  Pierson held a grudge against his debate coach and was targeting him when he entered the school with a shotgun, a machete, homemade bombs and 125 rounds of ammunition.

He’s now in hell where he belongs.

Murder destroys an entire world, the world of the murdered person.  Murder destroys the happiness of the victim’s loved ones for a long time, and even after much time their peace of mind is impaired forever.  The two who survived will live with what happened that day for the rest of their lives.

Forgiveness is reserved for the repentant. It’s not compassionate to pretend otherwise.