Jury tosses lawsuit by shoplifter against store owner who shot him

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

The shoplifter goes home empty-handed – again.

An El Paso County jury on Thursday tossed a lawsuit filed by a thief who says he shoplifted a bottle of vodka and ran out of a Colorado Springs liquor store only to be chased down by the store owner and shot in the face at point blank range

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The liquor store owner came close to getting himself criminally indicted for attempted murder when he first lied to the police.  Remember, when the cops think you’re lying they think you’re guilty. Never lie, and get a lawyer before you try to give details.  A general statement that you were attacked, you feared for your life, and you defended yourself might be good, but save the details for your lawyer and tell them to the cops only with your lawyer present.  In the end this shop owner was lucky and the grand jury refused to indict him.  Now he has won the civil suit as well.  He’s probably out thousands of dollars in legal fees, though.