The indictment of Rick Perry is a attack on the rule of law — the very foundation of liberty

Rick Perry demanded the resignation of Rosemary Lehmberg, Travis County DA, after her drunk driving arrest. Lehmberg’s behavior during her arrest for DWI is the real issue and shows she is unfit to keep her job. Perry vetoed legislation for the DA’s office until Lehmberg resigns. The Texas Constitution gives him that power. The veto is what sparked Perry’s indictment, which has been roundly condemned by Democrat newspapers, organizations and pundits. They hate Perry but fear this indictment is so unsound it will backfire on Democrats.

UPDATE: Why the Rick Perry prosecution unconstitutionally intrudes on the gubernatorial veto power

Liberals despise Perry and want to ruin his political prospects, but only the firebrands in Travis County (Austin) are so hate filled they are willing to destroy themselves in the process. The grand jury that indicted a ham sandwich Rick Perry appears to have been a stacked deck.

This episode demonstrates an eternal truth of American politics, as it is presently constituted. That is, conservatives believe liberals are misguided and are always on the wrong course, but do not hold contempt for them. Liberals, on the other hand, harbor the most visceral hatred for conservatives and believe to their core that conservatism is a force of evil in the world that must be eradicated. To liberals, any opposition to whatever they want to do is evil.

Here is the booking video of Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg being booked for DWI. Her BAC is reputed to have been three times the legal limit of .08. In the final frame of this video she points finger gun at the camera. Nice lady.

Rule number one of why you should never argue with cops is that it cannot possibly help you. Your argument must be reserved for the courtroom, and made according the rules of evidence and courtroom decorum. The best way to get the cops to be lenient on you, if there is a way, is to be polite and cooperative and not make any categorical fact statements when you are under the stress of being arrested.

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