I’d be a better president than Obama — so would you

If I were president I’d make this promise which I would keep:  Before every action I would take, before signing any legislation passed by Congress, I would demand answers of the following three questions, in order, going to the next one only if the answer to the previous one was yes:

1.  Is this something that should be done?  Getting to yes on this first question requires further consideration: If so, why?  What problem will it solve?  How will it solve that problem? How can we be sure doing this won’t create yet bigger problems?  What unintended consequence might result? If we do this, what will happen then?

2.  Is this something that government should do?  Or would this be done better in the private sector?

3.  Is this something the Federal government should do?  Or would it be done better by the states?

There is a fourth question that should be answered if the first three are all “yes.”  Is it Constitutional for the Federal government to do this?  Exactly which one of the 22 enumerated powers of the Federal government authorizes this?

Obama never asks any of these questions.  His only question in all cases is, “How does this benefit me?”  Any fool can ask that question and come up with an answer that is right…for him alone.  But a wiser and more benevolent president would ask my three questions, and if all were “yes” then the fourth one as well.

The amount of wisdom and benevolence toward one’s fellow man required for this is the minimum that any decent person possesses.  There are millions of Americans who would qualify on that score.  Millions of Americans who, if elected President, would be doing a better job than the one we have now.