I was waiting for someone to notice this…

Obama has shown how a future Republican president can gut Obamacare

Mitt Romney said if elected he would grant Obamacare waivers to all 50 states on the first day of his presidency. Romney was criticized for that promise on the grounds that the language of the statute imposed too many restrictions and by its express terms wouldn’t even be possible at all until 2017. Obama has shown the a president need not be concerned with the actual wording of Obamacare; in Obamaland each part of the Obamacare law is a mere suggestion that may be ignored by the president whenever he deems it in his political interest.

A Republican president might do the same thing, and do so by appealing to a higher purpose. While Obama’s impetus in every instance has been his personal political fortunes, an articulate Republican president [tall order, I know] could justify his actions as necessary to preserve the American people’s access to quality and affordable health care.

Read Philip Klein’s article for more on how this might work, all made possible by Obama and his anti-democratic approach to government. Call it the boomerang effect of Obama politics. Of course, it will require a Republican who can talk, like Ted Cruz.