History of Feminism in a Nutshell

From an anonymous source:

Old Model of Men and Women

  • Men run the show
  • Women hold primitive sexual power over men
  • Men feel obligated to control themselves for the sake of virtue
  • Men subjugate women in order to prevent women from subjugating them with primitive sexual power, which frightens them
  • Women adjust by wielding sexual power in covert and manipulative ways

Feminism New Model

  • Rejection of Old Model where women’s power is indirect in favor of giving women direct power

19th and Early 20th Century Feminism

  • Women exercise same political power as men by voting

1960’s and 1970’s Feminism

  • Women exercise direct power by pursuing a career of their choice, equal with men [a minority of women had long pursued career of their choice, but often they were not able to do so equally with men. School teaching and nursing were female roles]

1990’s to the Present Feminism

  • Women capitulate to sexual culture and once again freely flaunt sexual power over men
  • 1990’s feminism holds that it is not enough for women to have equal job opportunity with men, they must be as free as men to have a high-powered sex life without being financially dependent on their sex partners
  • Women should be free to use their sexual power over men to get what they want.  This may take the form of actual promiscuity or dressing immodestly. Abortion on demand is a vital component of 1990’s feminism.
  • Men react as they always have to women’s assertion of primitive sexual power, they seek to subjugate women to keep women from subjugating them.  What is different this time is that men make little effort to control themselves; they are happy to indulge themselves in all the sex women are offering in the new promiscuity.

The Future

  • Women again lose power and men again run the show
  • Women who seek to gain power by flaunting as opposed to merely possessing sexual power always end up losing power because because men are frightened by women’s primitive sexual power (as women are frightened by men’s direct power)
  • The only true power women will ever be able to keep and exercise directly is the power that comes from personal integrity and winning the respect of men and women.

UPDATE:  Mrs. TeeJaw busted out laughing when she read this.  Not sure what that means.

UPDATE II: Now, in 2014 Women are regressing into victimhood, this time by choice.  They are straining to retain their direct power while also positioning themselves as victims.  This will fail, and the attempts to cast men as brutes will backfire, leading to a return of men running the show as more and more women of integrity become disgusted with feminism.

UPDATE III: Mrs. TeeJaw laughing uncontrollably again.  Still not sure what that means.


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