Here’s something I bet you didn’t know — UPDATED

Update: How the law punishes boys who are raped

If a boy 14 or under is seduced by an older woman, say a 20-year old, and she gets pregnant, the teenage boy will become liable for child support when he’s 18 even though the female seducer has committed the crime of statutory rape and the 14 year old male is the victim.  The child support judgment is even retroactive to the date the baby was born, plus interest.  The fact the boy was not even aware that a child resulted from the criminal act of the mother until he gets hit with the judgment, say at age 22, is irrelevant.  This is justified by the fiction that the claim belongs to the child, not the mother.  That’s the catch, and that’s some catch.

Yes, it’s true. America has gone nuts. The law is an ass.

Personal note: As old as I am you wouldn’t think I’d remember what it’s like to be 14.  I do remember being 14, quite clearly.  It was a happy time.  There was no war on boys back then. I guess it’s different today but at 14, I was so consumed with model airplanes, wanting a motor scooter, customizing my bicycle, and expanding my paper route to get the money for a motor scooter, that sex was not even on the radar screen.  All that changed by the time I was 17, of course.  The 3 years between 14 and 17 was a total convulsion.  If I’d been approached by a 20 year old woman when I was 14 I’d have … well, I don’t know what I’d have done. Things like that just didn’t happen in those days. If it had, I’d have probably tried to sign her up for the newspaper.

  • Dave Lienert

    Tee jaw, can you cite a case for this example. Not that I don’t trust you but it is so mind-boggling that I need to read more.

    • TeeJaw

      Yes, the link wasn’t working. I fixed it and now it links to a story from Arizona. The story links to other such cases.

  • Dave Lienert

    Thanks for the fix. That is insane!

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