The GOP has a tremendous opportunity

There is a GOP mantra that they should forget about passing a repeal of Obamacare because Obama will veto it. The same is said about other possible GOP initiatives. Why bother, it’s said, when Obama will just veto all the good things they send up to him. This is defeatist thinking.

They should not fear an Obama veto on anything that is, or can be made, popular with the people. This is politics and the GOP is not trusted, by conservatives especially because it has failed to carry through on too many promises, like the promise to fight for repeal Obamacare.

The GOP should stitch together as many proposals as they can for Obama to veto. Ronald Reagan forced Tip O’Neill to agree to the Economic Tax Reform Act of 1981 even though it was a massive tax cut that O’Neill and the Democrats absolutely hated. Reagan did it by first selling it to the public so that by the time O’Neill had a chance to kill it, he couldn’t because the American people were demanding  it.

The GOP hasn’t got Reagan anymore, but in the Senate there’s Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, and several others who are excellent and persuasive speakers.  Even Mitch McConnell can be an effective speaker if he could ever be persuaded to fight for something. In the House they have Paul Ryan, the incredible take-no-prisoners Trey Gowdy, and several others.  Clearly they will need to prepare and persuade the people first, before the Democrats spew their vicious slime all over each GOP proposal.

Obama is not O’Neill. Obama does not have the political savvy of Tip O’Neill. Obama doesn’t have a sense of duty.  Unlike Tip O’Neill, Obama doesn’t give a damn what the people want. That’s where the opportunity for the GOP comes in strong. Forcing Obama to veto lots of popular legislation will set the GOP up for 2016. At this moment the people are disgusted with Democrats. History shows they won’t necessarily stay that way. Public opinion can change fast in America. They could be just as disgusted with the GOP in 2016. People might go to the polls in 2016 thinking it’s safe to vote for Democrats again. Forcing Obama to veto things that are popular can help the people stay disgusted with Democrats through November of 2016.

The task is to come up with what’s going to be popular. Besides repeal of Obamacare (which can be repealed with less than 60 votes in the Senate because it was passed with less than 60 votes), there are lots of smaller things the GOP can do. Lowering the idiotic drinking age from 21 to 18, for example. That could sow up some younger votes for the GOP. It’s also the right thing to do. While they’re at it, getting rid of all those Federal mandates where the Federal government coerces states to enact laws they otherwise wouldn’t by threatening to withhold Federal highway funds, etc. It’s unconstitutional and all except Mothers Against Drunk Driving would support it getting rid of it. (MADD has become a lunatic group that needs to be reined in anyway). That would allow states to experiment with their drunk driving laws to perhaps find a way that would actually be effective in getting drunks off the roads. Another idea is a bill requiring all Federal criminal laws to have a “criminal intent” component. It’ll be both popular and in the interest of justice.

Lowering the corporate income tax will be good first step to restoring growth in the economy and allowing the middle class back into the mainstream of America. Allowing American companies sitting on literally trillions of dollars in overseas banks to repatriate those profits to the United States tax free will create a business investment boom and jobs, jobs, jobs for the suffering middle class. The new taxes the government will rake in from the newly spurred economic growth will exceed the taxes not collected as the profits are brought home.

Re-organizing the EPA to limit it to its originally intended purposes will be a boon to the environment and business development alike.

The possibilities are endless in this over-taxed and over-regulated political environment. Get going GOP. Get ready to hold the Senate and elect a president in 2016. Keep the people focused on how badly they have been treated by Obama and the Democrats. Don’t allow the Democrats to turn it all around on you, because they are going to be working hard to do just that. They’re not much good at governing, but they’re plenty good at mud slinging. Keeping them unpopular is the best protection from them.

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