Some GOP Senators Pushing Merrick Garland for FBI Director

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It would be a big mistake. This probably stems from the usual GOP belief that they can make nice with Democrats, but that never works. Trying to be bipartison with Democrats is a fool’s errand and a lost cause. When GOP pols try to get Dems to like them it backfires and the Dems simply ramp up their hate-filled attacks.

Democrats are bullies who only understand power and strength. When they talk about compromise they really mean GOP surrender. The Palestinians will make peace with Israel before Democrats will make a deal with the GOP this isn’t total surrender by the GOP. Why should they? The GOP has shown so many times that they will eventually cave if the Dems stay on the attack.

  • OldretiredSFdude

    I agree this would be a big mistake on several levels. Just to state a couple, first and probably foremost. As the old saying goes. “Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile” or something to that effect. I’m referring to the Left. Putting Garland in as the FBI Dir wouldn’t change a thing with the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters and their little group of political cronies and hacks. As Teejaw so succinctly stated “Democrats are bullies who only understand power and strength.” In addition or maybe hand-in-hand with that goes the statements of so many of these pinheaded Lefties like Warren, Pelosie, Waters and yes even Schumer that they’ll resist the POTUS at every turn, fight his every effort. Didn’t really give reasoning from any of them other than he was DJT. I agree it’s as if they had some sort of feebleness affliction. Not to make light of their obvious ailment, but if our parents were to act like this we’d be looking for good nursing homes or asylums to put them all in. But to get back on topic. Wasn’t one of the arguments against Garland when originally nominated for USSCCJ that we didn’t need another Justice that wud essentially legislate from the bench? Well likewise we don’t need a FBI Dir that will attempt to Adjudicate from a position that is supposed to simply be collecting evidence, providing facts for the AG to decide on whether to indict and prosecute or not.

    What we need as the Director of the FBI is a person that has a lifetime in Law Enforcement. A COP, a Peace Officer, someone that understands what it is to work at the pleasure of a Political leader but also understands he has a sworn obligation to protect and serve the people of the USA first and foremost. A person that has been on the streets, has had to do the leg work to develop a case to put the bad guys behind bars. Someone that understands facts win cases and indisputable facts eliminate the need for twisting and spinning half truths and rewording ‘happy to glad’ to convince a jury. So if U want to put Garland on the “List of Candidates” for the job because U think it will placate the Dems. Sure why not. In my mind it would be a wasted effort. Is Garland capable? Sure. Is he the man Prez Trump should consider nominating. Absolutely not. Look to people like former NYPD Commissioner Kelly or his kind. We have many folks with the type background and experience needed to do the job and do it right and well.

    • You’re exactly right, it would be a stretch to find a good reason to make Garland FBI director so why not just appoint someone who is well qualified for the job? A liberal Democrat is not qualified to hold any public office, in my view. At least not until Democrats have a transformation back into being adults, and I sure wouldn’t hold my breath for that.