Front page of tomorrow’s New York Daily News


Obama is having a hard time getting a grip because he’s trying to figure out how to blame Ebola on the Republicans.  Glenn Reynolds: “If a problem can’t be solved by blaming Republicans, Obama can’t solve it.”

This is not the conservative New York Post, it’s the liberal New York Daily News.

  • TMats

    0bama and Frieden are both incompetent. Political considerations come first, second, and always with this administration. The threats to safety and security, economically, militarily, and now epidemically (if that’s a word) will remain high until at least January of 2017.

    • TeeJaw

      “Epidemically” is a word, I looked it up. You might have meant “epidemiologically.”

      Obama is incompetent if you judge him by how well he performs the job of president and commander in chief. But he has been extremely competent at what he considers his real job and purpose in life, which is transforming America into a socialist welfare state.

      I’m reading Larson’s The Return of Washington, 1783-1789. It’s like thinking of filet mignon with a fine Bordeaux while eating a baloney sandwich with pepsi. Oh hell, it’s worse than that. A baloney sandwich won’t kill you.

  • TMats

    Good response, K