Executive Director of MAIG Mark Glaze does the impossible — makes Chris Matthews and Joe Biden look smart

On August 2nd Mark Glaze of Mayors Against Illegal Guns was interviewed by Chris Matthews who asked him if he would consider a man wielding an axe handle to be armed.  Glaze managed the twin feat of showing himself to be more ignorant that Joe Biden and less reasonable than Chris Matthews.

Here is the exchange that took place:

Matthews: Would you consider the guy with the ax handle armed or not?

Glaze: Well, not with a gun.

Matthews: No, would you call him — well, I call him armed.

Glaze: Well, I have a word for him, I have a word for him. I grew up in Colorado where my dad was a gun dealer, and a guy who shoots somebody who has anything other than a gun when they could have done something else like talk or fight with their fists —

Matthews: Well, how do you talk to a guy with an ax handle? How do you talk to a guy with an ax handle?

Glaze: Well, you fight him. You run away. You deescalate the situation. I mean, that`s the way it was.

Glaze gives us a look at the liberal mindset.  To their lights it is simply immoral to ever defend yourself with a firearm.  If someone threatens to club you to death you have two options: Run or talk. Liberals not only believe you should be able to talk your way out of it, they just can’t except the fact that deadly evil exists in the world.  With the exception of course that they do believe conservatives are evil.

Liberalism makes you stupid.

The NRA-ILA had this to say:

Glaze’s response betrays Michael Bloomberg and MAIG’s radical vision of a society devoid of nearly all lawful self-defense.  The right to use a gun in self-defense in circumstances like the one Matthews and Glaze discuss is not at all controversial, as it would likely be legal in all 50 states (dependent on the exact individual circumstances), and is an extension of one of our most long-respected natural rights.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports show that more people are murdered with clubs in 2011 than with rifles and shotguns.