Drunk driving quiz

Question: If an individual comes out of a restaurant or bar and realizes he has had too much to drink, what do we want him to do — if we are truly interested in preventing a drunk driving accident?

Answer: We would like to see that person get into the back seat of his car and sleep it off.

Question: How do we encourage that conduct?

Answer: We don’t punish him for doing it.

Question: Then why do police continue to arrest and the courts continue to convict people who do exactly that for drunk driving?

No kidding.

  • Dave Lienert

    How do I start with out sounding like an alcoholic? I don’t think it speaks well of my yonger years that I slept in the back of my car more times than I can count. But I will say it beat killing myself and or others on the road as unfortunately more than a few of my high school and collage friends have. ( maybe I needed different friends?) How can a court not see the benefit of ‘sleeping it off’ , the only cure for being drunk no matter what wives tails are told. It is the next best thing to not drinking. Please strike that. Not drinking is not a good thing. Any way you get my point I’m sure.

    • TeeJaw

      The reason people get prosecuted for “sleeping while intoxicated” is because the purpose of our drunk driving laws is not to get drunks off the road. If it were they would not prosecute drunks who are doing the right thing by staying off the road. The purpose of drunk driving laws in the United States is to get as many convictions as possible.