Diversity in the Courts

We all must know by now that the Left’s idea of diversity is when all human endeavor consists of liberal women, liberal Black Americans, liberal gays, liberal Hispanics, liberal transgendered people, liberal native Americans, liberal Muslims, etc., in addition to any white people which must also be on the Left. In other words, there need not be the slightest diversity of thought or ideation. In fact, anyone who doesn’t toe the line on how to think will not be welcome in such circles of diversity because, to the Left, diversity is about no more than skin color, sex, sexual preference and abnormal behavior. Ethnicity and religion plays little part in the Left’s diversity plans because those that tend not to be liberal, such as evangelical Christians and Cuban refugees, are never deemed suitable or needed in the effort to achieve their sick notion of diversity.

This way of thinking about diversity has led to astonishing silliness. Liberal judges have started issuing “diversity orders” mandating only Black lawyers for Black clients in class action suits. Judges are supposed to appoint counsel in class action suits based on a lawyer’s “ability to fairly and adequately represent the interests of the class.” Race obsessed liberal judges think that means a Black person cannot get fair and adequate representation from a lawyer who isn’t also Black.  I wonder if they know Lee Harper’s Atticus Finch was white?

If the definition of racism is the belief that all members of a race possess characteristics and abilities specific to that race which distinguish it as either superior or inferior to another race, and discriminating for or against people of that race based on such a belief, then liberals must be racists. It must also be true that judges who issue “diversity orders” based on race have more in common with the Dred Scott decision and antebellum Chief Justice Roger Taney than they do with an intelligent concept of equal justice.