Democrats are waging a war on work

Democrats’ idiotic economic policies, of which Obamacare is the shining example, has destroyed job prospects for millions of Americans. (Obamacare, Work Killer) So the Democrats [led by Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi and Jay Carney, with lots of help from their friends in the media] are doing what they usually do when they’ve laid an egg that might convince voters to kick them out of office. They’re trying to sell this disaster as a positive, a feature rather than a bug. They’ve even invented a new word they’re using to snooker the low information voter: Joblock. They want these voters to believe that Obamacare frees them from “joblock,” but which they mean being stuck in a job you can’t quit because you’ll lose your healthcare. The lowfos won’t lose Obamacare if they decide to quit their job, the Democrats say. Of course, one has to first get Obamacare before they could be sure of not losing it and that’s likely to cost a lowfo a lot more than they can afford or want to pay because of all the things it contains that they probably don’t want. Such as free contraceptives (it isn’t free, you prepay for it with the high premium), or pregnancy care for people past child bearing age.

Nancy Pelosi waxes poetic, suggesting that a janitor will no longer be locked into a job he hates, he can quit and become a poet or a sculptor, as he has probably always wanted to do. All this blather seeks to sugarcoat over the truth that so many Americans have been cast into hopelessness by Democrat economic policies. It ignores the reality that for most people not having a job means a life of poverty. Not having a job also usually means more than economic suffering. It also means a loss of self worth and dignity. Democrat jabber about “Joblock” would be humorous if it weren’t so monstrous.

Obama says he against all this misery and is trying to fix it, thus treating us to the spectacle of a politician campaigning against his own policies.

Roger L. Simon:

Something more disturbing, indeed quite literally depressing, is at play here. If we are moving toward a society in which people perforce work less, whether to get discount healthcare or any healthcare or some other governmentally imposed reason, we are moving toward a depressed society, a nation of the sad.

You don’t have to be a Freudian to see the truth in the father of psychoanalysis’ oft-quoted pronouncement that “love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness,” really the keys to our daily sanity. If you undermine our ability to work, to be gainfully and fully employed, you undermine our self-respect, virtually no matter what our occupation. When our ability to contribute to society and to the welfare of our families is curtailed, we become depressed, sometimes unable to function or even be creative with that vaunted free time. The vast majority of us anyway. People on the dole are almost always a depressed lot, sometimes terminally.

Democrats want to turn us all into beggars.

  • Jack

    Yep thanks to ACA you can quit your job and become a poet. But wait! What about the people who dont quit but just work harder? Oh Oh, now we are back to that income inequality thing.