Democrats think they can ride the Koch Brothers to victory in November

Brothers Charles and David Koch are two of the most successful business entrepreneurs in America. Together they co-own Koch Industries, a conglomerate that is the second-largest privately held company in the United States. David Koch is the wealthiest resident of New York City, the 4th richest person in America and the 9th wealthiest person in the world. The Koch brothers are also politically conservative and support conservative causes, along with a host of philanthropic causes of no political stripe. The David H. Koch Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital was funded in part by a $100 million donation from David Koch. A renovation of the New City Ballet’s opera house was funded by a $100 million donation from David Koch in 2008.

Powerful Democrats such as Barack Obama and Harry Reid hold a visceral hatred for the Koch brothers because of their financial support for conservative and Republican political endeavors. The Koch brothers are no different in their support for Republicans than George Soros, Michael Bloomberg or Tom Steyer, billionaires who support Democrats and liberal causes. Nevermind, Democrats have their liberal base convinced that the Koch Brothers are the embodiment of evil on the planet. It seems that when the Koch brothers donate millions to philanthropic causes, liberals hate them even more. The New York State Nurses’ Association, the NAACP New York State Conference, and SEIU Local 1199, marched on the new wing at New York-Presbyterian Hospital because of it’s acceptance of a $100 million donation from David Koch. Prominent liberals routinely respond to David Koch’s philanthropy by predicting he will go down in history as a “famously evil person.”

Hardly any further proof is needed to sustain my often repeated statement that getting liberals to hate you is easy. All one need do is disagree with their politics to become the object of their hatred.

Obama, Reid and the Democrats seem to be basing the entire 2014 election on maligning the Koch Brothers. Harry Reid is literally insane with his never-ending tirades.

Here Howard Fineman (no conservative), on the Chris Matthews show, says the Democrats’ strategy is idiotic:

The election will be a test on whether such hate-filled politics works. If it does it will become the mainstream tactic in American politics. In that sense, the 2014 election will also be a referendum on whether American voters are stupid enough to be influenced by such dirty politics.