The Deep State, The Establishment, and the Trump State

We know what the Establishment is. As Mike Lofgren defines it,  “All complex societies have an establishment, a social network committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation.”

In the United States the Establishment includes party leaders in Washington and their unelected financial and political backers and supporters.  The Deep State is something different, it is sui generis, uniquely American. It is presently engaged in trying to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump, or at least discredit Trump to such a degree as to render him ineffective.

Barack Obama is no longer in the government, but he is a prominent member of the Deep State where his inlfluence is great. Obama is different from all other former presidents. They went home after their term as president was up and left the new president alone.  Obama is and will continue to work in a shadow government for the purpose of sabotaging Trump’s presidency. Obama the community organizer has gone national with his Organizing For America Organization which recently opened 250 offices around the country. His quest to fundamentally transform America is not over, not by a long shot.

To understand what is going on it is vitally important, as a necessary pre-condition, to understand the Deep State and exactly what it is. While all complex societies have an establishment, the  Deep State is uniquely American. The Latin term sui generis aptly decscribes it.

I’ve compiled a list of places one may consult to gain an understanding of just what this so-called Deep State is all about, how it works, and its goals, presently and always:

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