The current state of art, music and literature

Commenting on the current tendency of art, music and literature to pursue the cutting edge of the imagination with shock and awe, to subvert traditional values and eschew truth and beauty, once thought to be the very purpose of art without which it would be nothing, essayist Tom Simon believes it all began when “…the First World War broke the confidence of Western civilization.” He goes on to make this statement in his terrifically good essay, The Art of Courage:

For the world of art and literature is largely dominated by the Left, and the Left is dominated by people whose world-view is inherited from their great-grandfathers. In this view, we need labour unions to defend us against the peril of child labour, Big Government to defend us against Standard Oil. America is one false move away from theocracy and Jim Crow; Europe is one false move away from another World War. Nothing can save us except a wonderful new panacea called Socialism, which has never been tried before, and with which nothing can possibly go wrong. These, in the main, are the ideas of the Left even today; and the people who believe these things have the nerve to call themselves Progressives.

In The Art of Courage Mr. Simon builds a case against so-called progressives, arguing that they lack creative ability and are essentially subversive. Trouble is, “What they are trying to subvert no longer exists.” He counsels that we cannot fight the subversion of progressives by their methods of digging under but by building over the holes they have already dug for themselves, and for us. This requires the creation of a new word, superversion, to signify those who build rather than destroy what others have built.

Destruction is what the Left leaves in its wake by every one of it crabbed ideas from Obamacare to how to manage a once great city, i.e., Detroit.