Crime wave in East Central Wyoming?

Well, not quite that bad. But, A crime surge has accompanied Wyoming’s oil boomSerious crimes including aggravated assault and larceny are up 17 percent in the Douglas area since 2009, according to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

Wyoming oil booms have been accompanied by crime surges in the past as well. A feature film on Ed Cantrell was in the works back in 2010.  I don’t know if it ever came to be.

The A&E Channel TV show “City Confidential” did a story on the Ed Cantrell/Michael Rosa saga a few years ago.  The DVD is available on Amazon for thirteen bucks. A grainy version is available free on Youtube.

  • TMats

    Oil and gas booms are never good for communities, a pattern that’s been repeated across the West for decades. We lived in Garfield County, CO through the gas boom there. There’s not enough time to write about the negative impact to communities. Some businesses benefit, but be careful about growing too fast during the boom, or find yourself over-extended and in trouble as the air goes out of the balloon.

    I lived and worked in the Uintah Basin in the late 70s–early 80s during the false boom of oil shale (which also negatively impacted Garfield County). Rock Springs, WY was like Dodge City in those years; not a place to raise a family.

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